Your Node

Community Node Organization began with the idea that not everyone has the technical know-how to run a block producing node on the Tron blockchain, but everyone should be able to join an organization that does. We are an open community seeking to be a part of Tron governance.

At Your Service

Our goal is to encourage the development of Tron blockchain. We can help you create distributed applications, write helpful scripts and bots, or even administrate the operation of your node.

Value Token

As a Tron Super Representative candidate, we receive a small allowance to be a standby witness node. We put this allowance into the capitalization of our TRUC token. Instead of directly compensating our voters, they can choose to purchase the TRUC token if they want to participate in the shared allowance our node earns.

Welcome to Community Node

We are a collection of professionals who were drawn to the idea of operating a witness node on the Tron blockchain. We come from the Tronics community, from various walks of life and from all around the globe. To us, Tronix is more than just a cryptocurrency, it is a chance to take part in the decentralization of wealth and power. Our desire is to help the public use the TRX coin and the Tron blockchain to run distributed applications with their own custom tokens.

In return, we hope the Tronics community will recognize our value to the TRX ecosystem and vote for our organization to run one of the Super Representative witness nodes, who will get paid for their participation. Your vote costs you nothing, but it means everything to us.